Wiping the Hard Drive

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Going through a major computer rebuild is always an interesting experience. Right now I’m slowly watching the only (in theory) bits I definitely want to back up transfer to a USB stick. This isn’t even a huge change to be honest, but it’s a new hard drive in a new case, so I had to gut the old box that has served me well for three years. There was enough dust inside it to reconstitute a new human.

I get retrospective fairly easily, but gathering up all of the files and packing them up is a bit like moving to a new house. I’ve looked at creative projects I haven’t touched in 12 years (fun fact: I used to have a web comic), and I’ve tried finding things that are no longer there (a really awesome personal website from about 9 years ago).

It’s a bit of a strange post to cut off a 5 year silence from blogging online, but it’s a bit of a time for new beginnings as well. New case, new (almost finished) personal website, and new projects ready to be shared.

I hope I didn’t forget to backup anything good.