The List

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So I do LPs of games, and a lot of the time I get requests to play certain games. I also sometimes think to myself “Self, you should do a Let’s Play of _____.”

To handle this I have a little memo where I write all of these down. When people send me messages requesting a game I tell them things like “Okay, it’s on the list.” I figured I should just share this list. So here it is. Everything I am thinking about LPing or people have recommended that I check out.

The List

  • RPGS
    • Crisis Core
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Chrono Trigger (DS port)
    • Chrono Cross
    • Another Final Fantasy Game
    • The Last Story
    • Xenosaga III
    • Golden Sun
    • Earthbound
  • Strategy/Tactical
    • Fire Emblem
    • Star Wars: Rebellion
    • Master of Orion II: Super Duper Impossible
    • The Banner Saga
    • Cities Skylines
  • Platformers
    • Mega Man X8
    • Mighty Number 9
    • New Super Mario Bros (DS)
  • Adventure
    • Hyper Light Drifer
    • Metroid Prime
    • New Zelda
    • Bastion
  • Other
    • Evil Genius
    • Empire Nudis
    • Free Space 2
    • Star Trek Online
    • To The Moon
    • Dungeon of the Endless

I also have a list of more abstract ideas, that I may never get to

  • Edit an LP in the style of the movie Memento.
  • Multi-threaded LP with time travel
  • Do a gamer morning show