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The Artemis Helm View



The GetDaved Mod!

I added some ships to Artemis! One is called the Galleon, and it’s special thing is having guns only on it’s sides (it is all about broadsiding enemies). The other is the Destroyer, and it only has very narrow Forward beams, but high maneuverability. It has really strong forward shields and quite weak rear shields. It places like a more violent Scout. I also packaged in custom skins for each of the ships, and a replacement interface for the Helm.

I love Artemis, but the game’s visual design does leave a little bit to be desired. At one point I began a project to redo the interface for the entire game to make it, well, better, but the way the game is coded made it such that I couldn’t control too many factors easily (such as the layout). I did come up with a layout for the helm that I consider more useful than the default one, so I will at least share that. The big advantage to my helm display is that the degrees are marked in increments more commonly used by people, and they are labelled in more convenient increments as well. It is also prettier.

To install the mod, download it and then copy the files over to your Artemis\dat directory. On my computer it installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Artemis\dat.

Disclaimer: Although I expect little will go wrong, for legal purposes I wholeheartedly encourage you to never use this. Also, don’t go outside. It’s dangerous out there.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

All of the Mods!

I have released a pair of popular mods for KotOR II, and I re-released one other fantastic mod done by another modder who almost had the internet swallow up his excellent work. If you are interested in skipping Peragus, promoting your allies to Prestige classes, or getting the two finest looking Jedi robes in the history of this game, check it out.