The Final Fantasy VIII Spread Sheet

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I just completed a Let’s Play of Final Fantasy VIII, and for part I used an excel spreadsheet to figure out how to divide up GFs across the whole team.  This is the single coolest thing I have done in my life, and I expect to be getting recognition from the major news outlets of the world any day now for my accomplishments on organizing data for this 18 year-old game (which can now vote, BTW).

A few dozen people One person asked for the spreadsheet I made, so here it is.  Both pages:

Final Fantasy VIII Plan

I’m pretty sure a more effective distribution of GFs could be made.  I originally wanted each character to have a thematically appropriate “main GF” but it all got screwed up when I thought I gave a Spd-J Scroll to Ifrit but actually gave it to Siren, and you just know what she can be like about that sort of thing so naturally everything went sideways.  But this one is “pretty good”.

In case you are wondering, no, there is no perfect solution for getting all of the characters fully junctioned without using a bunch of scrolls.  Most stats are only junctionable by 5 GFs, not 6, and many have only 3 sources (most importantly: speed).  Two speed scrolls are pretty easy to get via petty crime, and in my case I generated a third by beating up adorable Cactuar enemies and refining their Cactus Thorns (200 of them, which were pretty quick to get, all considering) into Hundred Needles (two of them, making still 200 needles, but packaged differently), and then refining those into Speed-Up items (2 of them) and then those into a a Spd-J scroll.  I learned all about this stuff from a website that peeled away they veil and showed me the truth of all things.  It also had helpful tables.

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