The List: 2016

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The old list has been up for a while so I think it’s time ot update things a bit. This is now the real list. The old one is the fake list for games I am thinking about LPing.

The List

  • RPGS
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Chrono Cross
    • Another Final Fantasy Game
    • The Last Story
    • Xenosaga III
  • Strategy/Tactical
    • Fire Emblem Awakening or Fates
    • XCOM 2
    • Endless Space 2
    • Stellaris
    • Cities Skylines
  • Platformers
    • Mega Man X8
    • Mighty Number 9
    • New Super Mario Bros (DS)
  • Adventure
    • Gravity Rush
    • Journey
    • Hyper Light Drifer
    • Metroid Prime
    • New Zelda
    • Bastion

3 thoughts on “The List: 2016

  1. Hey Dave! I’ve been watching you for quite some time and I noticed that you have Stellaris on your list. Not that it matters much, but I’d like to cast my vote toward it. I’ve watched a bit of quill’s LP on it, but it’s just not the same without your mighty fleet of legendary swords! Best of luck in your future conquests.

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